With a legacy of more than 50 years, Arora Brothers was instituted by Mr. Prakash Arora. What started as a small wholesale textile business in 1970 has steadily grown to become an “Internationally Acclaimed, Exclusive Wholesale Textile Empire” supplying a staggering range of textiles scoured from across the globe.

Our company has expanded rapidly since its inception and our range of fabric has increased in line with this growth. Today we provide wholesale fabrics to the country’s best retail shops, markets traders, groom wear manufacturers, India’s top fashion designers. We pride o ourselves on offering our customers the largest and the most unique selection of regular as well as the end of line fabric.
Arora Brothers is committed to the vision of providing fabrics that intertwine traditional elements with contemporary relevance. We hold the creed of providing personable customer delight, exceptional and unique fabric and market innovations very dearly.

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